ffmpeg - From webrtc input stream to HLS

I need to do video streaming where the recording is happening on a browser and has to be consumed as HLS on mobile devices.

It seems I need some media server and send the camera stream as WebRTC to it. It seems Janus and Kurento can do that task and output RTP streams. I'm not sure now how to convert that RTP stream to HLS, I guess I could hook ffmpeg on that RTP stream and generate HLS with MpegTS, but I'm not sure this is the right direction.

Is that the obvious way to do it? Is there any existing service to do all this?

Thank you.

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mspanc 2022-07-23 13:00

Membrane can do this and even has a demo which does exactly what you are asking for: https://github.com/membraneframework/membrane_demo/tree/master/rtp_to_hls

it supports WebRTC as well so you might be able to do everything within a single application.

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