c# - The best way to write a large string to a file

In C#, I'm reading a moderate size of file (100 KB ~ 1 MB), modifying some parts of the content, and finally writing to a different file. All contents are text. Modification is done as string objects and string operations. My current approach is:

  1. Read each line from the original file by using StreamReader.
  2. Open a StringBuilder for the contents of the new file.
  3. Modify the string object and call AppendLine of the StringBuilder (until the end of the file)
  4. Open a new StreamWriter, and write the StringBuilder to the write stream.

However, I've found that StremWriter.Write truncates 32768 bytes (2^16), but the length of StringBuilder is greater than that. I could write a simple loop to guarantee entire string to a file. But, I'm wondering what would be the most efficient way in C# for doing this task?

To summarize, I'd like to modify only some parts of a text file and write to a different file. But, the text file size could be larger than 32768 bytes.

== Answer == I'm sorry to make confusin to you! It was just I didn't call flush. StremWriter.Write does not have a short (e.g., 2^16) limitation.

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