ios - Using ffmpeg to convert MP4 to HLS

I'm trying to convert a local .mp4 video to HLS using ffmpeg in an iOS app. I have integrated the ffmpeg wrapper using pods and generated all the segmented .ts files and the m3u8 file, but some of the .ts file segments are not listed in the .m3u8 playlist file as shown below. It is always listing the last 5 video segments.


I used the following codes to generate the HLS.

    FFmpegWrapper *wrapper = [[FFmpegWrapper alloc] init];
    [wrapper convertInputPath:inputFilePath outputPath:outputFilePath options:nil progressBlock:^(NSUInteger bytesRead, uint64_t totalBytesRead, uint64_t totalBytesExpectedToRead) {

    } completionBlock:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {
        success?NSLog(@"Success...."):NSLog(@"Error : %@",error.localizedDescription);

Is there any other methods to do this?

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