Java JSON serialization - Best Practices

I need to implement JSON serialization for some objects, and I've encountered a problem when it came to integration with generic collections.

All serializable classes implement this interface (JSONObject comes from this library):

interface JSONSerializable{
    public JSONObject dump() throws JSONException //serializes object
    public void load(JSONObject obj) throws JSONException //deserializes object

Code for my collection based on java.util.list looks more or less like this:

class AwesomeList<T extends JSONSerializable> implements JSONSerializable{
    private LinkedList<T> items = new LinkedList<T>();

    public JSONObject dump() throws JSONException {
        JSONObject result = new JSONObject();
        JSONArray a = new JSONArray();
        for(T i : items){
        result.put("items", a);
        return result;

    public void load(JSONObject obj) throws JSONException{
        //here is my problem

My problem is: When I load AwesomeList from JSONObject, I need to create its elements but it's impossible since java forbids me to write

T newItem = new T();

How should I modify my approach to this task?

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