serialization - What is the best way to handle version control using the JSON protocol?

I am normally writing all parts of the code in C# and when writing protocols that are serialized I use FastSerializer that serializes/deserializes the classes fast and efficient. It is also very easy to use, and fairly straight-forward to do "versioning", ie to handle different versions of the serialization. The thing I normally use, looks like this:

public override void DeserializeOwnedData(SerializationReader reader, object context)
    base.DeserializeOwnedData(reader, context);
    byte serializeVersion = reader.ReadByte(); // used to keep what version we are using

    this.CustomerNumber = reader.ReadString();
    this.HomeAddress = reader.ReadString();
    this.ZipCode = reader.ReadString();
    this.HomeCity = reader.ReadString();
    if (serializeVersion > 0)
        this.HomeAddressObj = reader.ReadUInt32();
    if (serializeVersion > 1)
        this.County = reader.ReadString();
    if (serializeVersion > 2)
        this.Muni = reader.ReadString();
    if (serializeVersion > 3)
        this._AvailableCustomers = reader.ReadList<uint>();


public override void SerializeOwnedData(SerializationWriter writer, object context)
    base.SerializeOwnedData(writer, context);
    byte serializeVersion = 4; 

    if (CustomerCards == null)
        CustomerCards = new List<uint>();            


    // v 2

    // v 4
    if (_AvailableCustomers == null)
        _AvailableCustomers = new List<uint>();

So its easy to add new things, or change the serialization completely if one chooses to.

However, I now want to use JSON for reasons not relevant right here =) I am currently using DataContractJsonSerializer and I am now looking for a way to have the same flexibility I have using the FastSerializer above.

So the question is; what is the best way to create a JSON protocol/serialization and to be able to detail the serialization as above, so that I do not break the serialization just because another machine hasn't yet updated their version?

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