Java generic classes - type determination

If I am creating a java class to be generic, such as:

public class Foo<T>

How can one determine internally to that class, what 'T' ended up being?

public ???? Bar()
    //if its type 1
    //    do this
    //if its type 2
    //    do this
    //if its type 3
    //    do this
    //if its type 4
    //    do this

I've poked around the Java API and played with the Reflection stuff, instanceof, getClass, .class, etc, but I can't seem to make heads or tails of them. I feel like I'm close and just need to combine a number of calls, but keep coming up short.

To be more specific, I am attempting to determine whether the class was instantiated with one of 3 possible types.

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