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I'm starting a new project in Rails, and it looks like the application.js manifest file is doing something funny with the javascripts that I reference - does it cache those files as part of the asset pipeline?

Here's what happened. I added a javascript file named jquery.autoresize.js to the vendor/assets/javascripts folder, and then referenced the file in the application.js manifest like this:

//= require jquery.autoresize.js 

Then I started up the rails server. But after navigating around in my app, I realized that I had accidentally added the wrong version of the jquery.autoresize.js file. So, I deleted that file and then added the correct version to the vendor/assets/javascripts folder. But, to my horror, when I reloaded the page, it is still loading the old javascript file.

I tried emptying my browser cache, then exiting and restarting the Rails server, but to no avail. I hacked a solution together by simply renaming my javascript file and referencing the new name, which worked fine. But there has got to be a better solution to this.

Does the new asset pipeline cache the files you reference somehow? If so, how can I clear that cache? Thanks for any help!

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