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First let me say I come from a Microsoft background and Visual Studio is my bread and butter. It has a command (keybind is arbitrary) that auto-formats any code syntax. The same command works in HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, etc.

I have tried plugins for ST2 and so far I've found most don't work on a Windows box and if they do, it's for a very specific purpose like just Javascript.

I have tried (and opened Issues where appropriate):

/out/aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL2pkYzA1ODkvSnNGb3JtYXQ= (this one actually works)

Have any Windows users of ST2 found anything that works to format CSS/HTML/Javascript, preferably in one shot?

Edit: Since this question is getting lots of views with no activity, I'll say that I am still looking for a plugin that can format various script types within the same command.

October 2013 Still haven't found anything that covers JS+CSS+HTML well however I have settled on JsFormat as by far the most effective and bug free with the least amount of configuration for just JavaScript.

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