c++ - Why are string literals L and all other literals r?

C++03 5.1 Primary expressions §2 says:

A literal is a primary expression. Its type depends on its form (2.13). A string literal is an lvalue; all other literals are rvalues.

Similarly, C99 6.5.1 §4 says:

A string literal is a primary expression. It is an lvalue with type as detailed in 6.4.5.

What is the rationale behind this?

As I understand, string literals are objects, while all other literals are not. And an l-value always refers to an object.

But the question then is why are string literals objects while all other literals are not? This rationale seems to me more like an egg or chicken problem.

I understand the answer to this may be related to hardware architecture rather than C/C++ as programming languages, nevertheless I would like to hear the same.

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